Overview of writing & editing services for job applications & LinkedIn

Service Overview

Resumes, CVs, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles. Letters of Motivation, About Me / Biographies.


Confidential support in writing, editing, proofreading and optimizing your job application documents.


Any job market, any field of work.

Applications for Jobs, Study, Internships

WRITING & EDITING: Improving, checking, updating and proofreading job application documents (resumes, CVs, cover letters) for classic and online job applications, in response to job postings or direct applications on your own initiative

MASTER'S / MBA APPLICATIONS: Cover letters, letter of motivation and essays / questions / case studies for MA and MBA entrance applications

TRANSLATION & ADAPTATION: German to English translation, adaptation of documents to European, North American markets

LinkedIn Profiles

  • Creating profiles from scratch
  • Improving, expanding and optimizing existing profiles
  • Developing improved headlines and summary sections
  • Uploading LinkedIn content
  • Creating bilingual profiles (German-English translation)
  • Creating original visual media (graphics, screenshots) for the LinkedIn multimedia section

Workshops and Individual Sessions

CONSULTING: Advising you face-to-face, by phone, Skype or E-Mail on your job seeking strategies, your content, your approaches and how to respond to interview questions

WORKSHOPS: Creating and hosting workshops for universities, organizations or selected groups about LinkedIn basics and improving your LinkedIn ranking, writing effective cover letters and resumes, creative job seeking strategies

Résumés and CVs & Cover Letters

  • Developing headlines, and key rubrics such as "Job Objective", "Profile Summary", "Core Competencies" or "Key Achievements"
  • Adaptation of international resumes/CVs to English-speaking markets (USA, Canada, UK, Rest of the World)
  • Covering letter (cover letters) / letters of motivation: Corrections, proofreading, editing, content optimization, design and layout optimization, customization to specific target audiences, ghostwriting

Social Media

  • Writing and optimizing profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or any other platform.
  • Biographies and self-marketing descriptions for About Me / About Us pages on business website, online shop (such as Etsy), creative platforms (Flickr, Instagram, Soundcloud, Vimeo)
  • Self-descriptive blurbs or long-form biographies
  • Also "About Me" for PowerPoint presentations
  • I create texts that are engaging, original and fun to read
  • Added value: Repurpose your new texts across various platforms. Use and adapt the new version for anything you need - from scripts and voiceovers for your videos to presentations, to in-house documents, author / contributor pages.

Welcome to your new career image

Helping you create clear, high impact content different than the average 

Who uses my writing services?

  • Private individuals: Career professionals, executive level / management level and academics across all branches.
  • Companies & Organizations: Who need an experienced English native speaker specialist for text and editing in the areas of marketing, advertising, promotional or biography texts.

 My client base includes:

  • Executive level (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, VPs), managing directors, department head and other management positions
  • Specialists in technical, scientific, business, financial, administrative, HR, medical or IT fields
  • Consultants, independent specialists and other top-level professions (doctors, engineers, professors, pilots, attorneys, technical consultants)
  • Creatives, freelancers, entrepreneurs (artists, designers, IT developers, artists, writers, musicians, small business owners)
  • Lecturers, researchers, scientists, post-docs and PhDs students who are moving from academia to private industry
  • Executive job recruiters, outplacement agencies, headhunters requiring resumes for their clients for international positions or requiring transcreation / localization for their clients
  • European universities & research institutions
  • Human Resources departments

What's the difference between a résumé and a CV?

While the term "résumé" is common across the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and some other world regions, the term "CV", or curriculum vitae (Latin for "the course of life") is common in the UK, in South Africa and in many European countries. "Academic CVs" are used in the UK and North America when applying for academic, research & scientific or medical job positions. Academic CVs are longer documents and contain comprehensive details about professional history, academic research projects, publications and memberships.

What do my writing services include?

  • My writing services are always customized and suited to your needs, with a personal assessment, professional feedback and direct implementation of all improvements (full editing, design, structure, formatting, background research, adaptation to the market). I implement all improvements and changes directly in a Microsoft Word file (or any format you need, open source or Mac) so your texts, resume or cover letter is properly formatted and ready for you to send or convert into a PDF.

  • Feedback and review of your job application documents or present state of document / text quality and impact. My initial short feedback about the general overall impression is free of charge.
  • Complete review and transformation of outdated, unsuitable or weak texts, resumes or motivation letters into updated, clear and impressive documents
  • Full optimization: Editing (substantive editing), proofreading, re-writing, correction (improvements in style, tone, grammar, design & layout), plus formatting, design & layout

Design, structure and layout

If your documents require an updated, fresh look - don't worry. I always include improvements in formatting, design and layout whenever needed.


If you wish to use a specific layout, that's fine, too.


We'll ensure that everything flows logically and clearly and specifically addresses the requirements of your target audience. We'll create an attractive yet compact look that awakens curiosity and gets to the key points fast.

Check and verify before you send anything out!

I'm your fresh pair of critical eyes  - and I identify issues before it's too late.

Before it's too late means before your target audience sees anything. Make sure your first impression is the best it can be.


When working on anything this important, it's always good to seek out a neutral pair of eyes to review your documents.


Sometimes, however, you just don't know who to ask. Or you just can't find anyone who's familiar with modern must-have's and no-gos. You need someone who's familiar with modern requirements and styles, who can spot and weed out weaknesses, gaps and formulaic phrases.


This is where I can help. Contact me if you want your documents and profiles viewed from the perspective of a Human Resources recruiter or a critical reader in the business world. 


In my feedback and revisions, I'll identify and correct things such as: gaps in logic, confusing structure, unclear content. I will compensate for too much or too few details. I will clarify any other points that readers unfamiliar with you or your work might have.


I normally implement all changes and improvements directly, so you receive documents that are now ready to send, or can be sent easily after a few modifications.

Get smarter about LinkedIn. Fast. 

LinkedIn für Anfänger Einführung Profile auf Englisch von CareerLove.info New to the World of LinkedIn? Use this short guide to create a high impact profile on LinkedIn
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What else can you do to make yourself stand out from the crowd?

Use imagery whenever you can

Leave your mark on your audience with a great graphic!


In today's world of information overload and market saturation, beautiful eye-catching visuals still capture our attention.


Did you know that you can incorporate high-impact, very natural looking images into your social media profiles?


Particularly for LinkedIn, you can freshen up, modernize and pack your profile with convincing evidence by using multimedia, links and images.


This is growing in popularity among regular people and potential job candidates - it's not just something for big brands or online personalities.


Read my blog article about this topic on              Social-Hire.com


Two Professional Tips to Help Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Part II: Using Visual Elements, Links and Multimedia


Ask me how I can develop customized graphics for you.

  • I develop authentic-looking, eye-catching text-over-image graphics, which are today's must-haves in social media. Your audience doesn't just want to see text blocks and bullet point lists, but would LOVE to see some high impact visuals such as images and text, videos of you speaking and slideshows.
  • I can create scripts based on the content in your career path profiles and develop clear and interesting texts for your multimedia presentations


Each project is as unique as you are. Once I determine the exact nature and scope of your project, I'll give you the final end price. No worry about cost surprises.

A note about pricing

Customized service fees are project-based and are provided as the total charge per project.


Please contact me for a free quotation.

My initial general feedback / critique of your resume, documents or LinkedIn profile is free of charge.


How do I determine your fees?

Writing service rates (resumes, cover letters, profiles, ghostwriting, editing) are time-based.

Fees are determined once we've clarified your precise needs, scope of activity required and timeframe.


Rates for proofreading, adapting or editing your resume, cover letter or social media profiles are based on text length and time requirements for research, editing, layout and formatting. Proofreading rates start at €85.00 / hour (plus 19% German sales tax for EU residents)

Editing / translation rates start at €120.00 / hour (plus 19% sales tax for EU residents)


My fees include feedback, direct implementation of all changes and improvements (design/layout, content/editing), research, combined with a few tips and suggestions.


Why not offer packages or "price per document"?


My philosophy is that each project, each client, each career path is truly different and will definitely require different amounts of time and preparation, depending on the industry or specific audience or company you have in mind.


As well, students and career starters have a different budget to work with than CEOs and high earners. Price discounts on a sliding scale may be offered to clients who qualify.


Within general job groupings (executives, senior managers, business specialists, technical specialists, medical specialists, legal specialists, academics, entrepreneurs etc.) there can be huge differences. As a result, I prefer not to offer "packages" or set prices solutions for comprehensive projects - because that would mean fitting you inside a price box or time-limit box. When you're categorized this way, the risk is a result that's rushed - and overall quality (and your image) may suffer.

You'll always receive customized documents, tailor-written to reflect your career development, special achievements and personal strengths. I'll implement all my expertise and feeling for the right approach, appropriate tone, down-to-earth phraseology and modern style* used in today's English-language world of human resources recruiting and self-marketing in the business world.


(*modern, yet appropriate to your targeted industry and audience, ranging from conservative to alternative and everything in between*)


If my approach makes sense to you, please contact me at any time and I'll be happy to listen to exactly what you need and inform you of your cost of investment. I'll email you the fees for each part of the project, so you know the total price ahead of time.


Please contact me for a free quotation.

Payments by direct electronic transfer or Paypal.

Pricing for Workshops & Personal Consulting Sessions


Workshop fees are set individually or according to standard college / university fees. 

Individual session fees (consulting for resumes / CVs, LinkedIn, job search, content creation, job interview practice) range from €80.00 - €120.00 / hour. Single / multiple sessions or package arrangements are possible.


For your free price quote, to schedule a project or workshop, or for questions, please contact me at astrid@careerlove.info


I look forward to hearing from you!


 Résumé / CV and LinkedIn workshops to help your job search and position yourself in the market 

I offer workshops in English and German for both adults, recent graduates and young people new to the job market. Please contact me to arrange a workshop or select a theme.


Limited to small groups, the workshops are intended to help you to develop and refine your own brand and image on the job market by better understanding the "bigger picture" (decision-makers' criteria, traditional and social media recruitment channels) and how to better shape your profile to current market needs and specific company requirements.


What people have learned in the workshops:


  • Discover how to stand out from the crowd in your own special way, as a job seeker, career changer or career starter, or as an entrepreneur profiling your own business.
  • Understand why you need to drop outdated, formulaic approaches to promoting yourself
  • Gain confidence in targeting and impressing the right kind of companies, organizations and audience
  • You'll discover that the "secrets" and "techniques" of successful candidates are also within your reach.
  • Introduction to bigger picture ideas and concepts that help you see real-world options more clearly and understand the various perspectives involved - not just your perspective as a job seeker.
  • We address strategies that can be adapted to your personal situation - strategies that may bring some surprisingly positive results.
  • With the help of the most recent examples from the world of business, insider tips, group dynamic and thought-provoking exercises, begin  your own personal process of identifying and developing the individual components needed for your profile / documents
  • Using both expert and peer feedback in a real-life group dynamic, participants will have the chance to address selected weaknesses and strengths in their application documents and LinkedIn profiles
  • With some practice, you'll find it increasingly instinctive, fun and rewarding to develop content that's more authentic, creative and outstanding.


Deep dive into key topics: From style & layout, to content development, to decision-makers, to social media

Workshop topics include: creating the right attitude, keyword optimization, content optimization, creating accomplishment-driven content, creating and using branding statements and headlines, formatting and layout tips, optimization for applicant tracking systems / AMS, understanding recruiters and decision-makers, the role of storytelling in self-branding, ways to stand out from the crowd, wise use of social media, active sourcing, positioning using LinkedIn, brainstorming, related aspects of interview content.


Other Workshop Topics: Strategies for Targeting Your Job Hunt, Creative Networking & Improving your LinkedIn Profile

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