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I'm a freelance international resume consultant, social media content developer, ghostwriter and translator for German-English.  Over the past 15+  years, I've helped thousands of businesses,  organizations and private individuals from the executive to young graduate level.


Thanks to my online based business, clients with a great variety of backgrounds contact me from around the world.

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My knowledge base is drawn from a large network of contacts, client feedback, and shared insights across all branches of industry and careers, as well as continuous learning from the latest influencers, experts and recruitment specialists from the UK, Europe and North America.



In addition, I engage in regular, candid dialogue with management and HR decision-makers from Europe and North America on their approaches and real-life preferences.


Let me help you with my unique combination of insights and intuitive grasp of what you need.

I completed a Master's Degree in International Relations at the University of Toronto.

Active member of the German Association of Interpreters & Translators (BDUE) since 2002.

Former member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC) USA.

European and Global Projects

Two of my special niches:

  • Helping German-speaking professionals create, optimize and translate their application documents, LinkedIn profiles and marketing texts in English.
  • Helping job candidates from North America or internationally improve their job application for the German job market (English or German)


Visit my German-language sites: and my LinkedIn services site


For more about me, my client projects and for additional tips, ideas and recommendations on my social media channels, please visit

My business clients have included ADtranz Switzerland, Aral AG Germany, Bombardier Transportation AG Switzerland, DKFZ Heidelberg (German Cancer Research Centre), Edilon GmbH Munich, Applied University of Hamburg, University of Hamburg, University of Mainz, Applied University of Lausitz, Fraunhofer Institute Karlsruhe, KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany), Free University of Berlin (Benjamin Franklin University Clinic), GIZ / DED Germany, GlaxoSmithKline Munich, GfK Geomarketing Bruchsal, IFAO Consulting Munich, Lufthansa AG Frankfurt, Technical University of Munich, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (MPIfG) Cologne, Karlsruhe Chamber of Industry & Trade, Pevion Biotech Berne (Switzerland), H3 Advertising Agency Stuttgart and Karent Outplacement Germany, Mannheim.

Blog Articles

As a guest blogger writing as "CareerLove" on UK, I've published several deep dive articles on topics such as LinkedIn positioning, SEO and the benefits of adding visual content.


Five Tips How to Get More Clicks on LinkedIn and Increase Your Google Ranking


Stop Confusing Your Audience: How to Better Target Readers for Your LinkedIn Profile & Resume Profile


Two Professional Tips to Help Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Part I: Using Keywords


Two Professional Tips to Help Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Part II: Using Visual Elements, Links and Multimedia


I've also published a mini-book, an introduction and guide for LinkedIn beginners which is available on

Amazon and other online bookstores. Learn more here.


Customer Feedback

Participants and clients have used these words to describe their experiences:


"I enjoyed your workshop yesterday. You provided a lot of value and I appreciated the individual feedback on my resume. Through concrete examples and the exercises, you demonstrated how to create a personal brand and ensure your resume stands out through the use of descriptive vocabulary. I will definitely be able to apply the things I learned in your workshop. Thank you again!"

Chantal, Marketing Manager, Canada


"I just needed a few minutes talking to Astrid to lift my spirits up and start believing that my idea of changing career was not just a dream, but a process that could be planned and executed. She helped to overtake the first, maybe the hardest, obstacle…me. Our  conversations were almost like a therapy. She boosted my confidence showing my strengths and achievements using the words in a natural way that placed my resume at a high level. So, no more despair, no more waste of time and energy, focus, focus, focus. Astrid, you are special."

R.M., Career Changer from Brazil to Ireland to Germany


"A perfect opportunity to finally learn from a professional how to do it. Thank you very much".

Recent PhD grad, Germany


"I feel very motivated after the workshop. [You] are emotionally involved in the explaining process. That's what I liked!"

Post-doc researcher from Russia


"I am very pleased with your work and my new resume! It looks so professional and much better than my attempt. You made me realize that I do a lot more than I had ever put on my resume."

Susan, Career Changer, Canada


"Although I didn't know what to expect, I was pleased with the seminar and found it very helpful as a first step. In general I've learned a good deal that will help me get started." Cathy, Career Changer, Canada


"That is a good way to position myself. You have a gift with words."


"It was a pleasure meeting you on Thursday. Thank you for all your insight into the job finding process. I learned many things."


"It helped me discover that I do have the skills that can be marketable and how to pull them out and into a resume".


"Engaging speaker. Very enthusiastic."


"It was very helpful to me."


"Covered a lot in the timeframe and gave us extra time. It gave me some good nuggets. Thank you."


"Informative. Really got me re-thinking, re-reading and re-looking...not taking what I had done for granted."


"Very informative."


"It was more personal than I expected, less about the actual CV writing itself...I found the interactivity of it was fantastic".


"I loved your examples."


"What I liked best was how everyone was included...and how to market yourself."


Take it step by step, start where you're now.

My approach to branding yourself on the job market is wholistic in nature. An effective resume and cover letter represent just one piece of the puzzle.


The first step in creating your own flavour is all about attitude: a positive and confident mind-set that comes from understanding yourself, where you are right now realistically, identifying and appreciating your own skill set and uniqueness, while simultaneously understanding the dynamics of decision-makers / employers and how the bigger picture works in reality.


Your written documents, online profile and promotional material are intended to impress, build curiosity and open the door to an interview, further informational exchange, a job offer, or a customer contract. Whether it's a good match will also depend on other factors such as your attitude, your communication skills in person, and your suitability to the team you wish to join ('chemistry').


Also keep in mind that you want to open as many doors as possible to see what's on the other side. You're free to make up your mind whether you've found a destination that YOU enjoy being a part of. 


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