Resume, CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profiles in English, German-To-English translation, English version for Germany. Specialist Astrid Schmidtchen - fast, accurate and original solutions.
Resume, CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profiles in English, German-To-English translation, English version for Germany. Specialist Astrid Schmidtchen - fast, accurate and original solutions.
Have some new career or project plans? Start rolling with some professional help and feedback. Text Writing & Editing + German-English Translation + Document Makeovers + LinkedIn Profiles Ghostwriting + Strategy Development + Positive Support & Ideas Contact me: Astrid Schmidtchen
Have some new career or project plans? Start rolling with some professional help and feedback. Text Writing & Editing + German-English Translation + Document Makeovers + LinkedIn ProfilesGhostwriting + Strategy Development + Positive Support & Ideas  Contact me: Astrid Schmidtchen 

Do you need help polishing your career image?

Are you looking for a professional solution to move your job search forward faster?

That's exactly what I do: Helping you better brand yourself on the job market!

I love helping people move their careers forward through my custom writing and editing services. For 10+ years I've specialized in resume writing and advice for executive, specialist and academic clients in Europe, North America and around the world.


Let me help you market yourself or your business identity more effectively with resumes and cover letters that stand out in the global or local job market. I also create and polish social media profiles for people from all backgrounds. In particular, I work on profiles for LinkedIn, the world's most powerful social media business platform you can use to establish your image and reputation as a specialist in your field.  

Get the power of a career image makeover!

Each week, people contact me who want to improve their career image by improving their documents or social media profile. I write, edit, improve and polish your job application documents and social media texts.


My clients see and appreciate the "before and after effect" of my work. Once we truly highlight your qualifications that match employer needs and appeal to what the specific market is looking for,  it will greatly boost your overall confidence and open more of the right doors for you.


With me, you'll always receive completely customized documents based on your individual needs, special achievements and your specific background.


So don't worry if you feel stuck: I'll help you say the things you want to say. Your "voice", image and your personal brand will come through authentically.

Let me put my energy, expertise and enthusiasm to use for you. With the results I deliver, you'll feel more confident in moving your career into an exciting new direction.

New to the World of LinkedIn ? 

LinkedIn E-Book CareerLove / Astrid Schmidtchen. Improve your profile, improve your impact. New: LinkedIn For Beginners. A Short Guide by CareerLove

Get smarter about LinkedIn in less than an hour.


A down-to-earth basic introduction with samples and explainations - perfect for new career starters, people without a profile or with a very basis profile, for students looking for an internship or anyone who wants to launch a business brand on LinkedIn. 


Gain quick insight into the bigger picture and what key aspects you need to work on.


Get insights from my client situations and experience as a professional LinkedIn profile writer! 

Plus get free access to 14 BONUS background banners -

use them right away on your profile for a modern, fresh look. 

Be totally original.

Your target audience  (busy and highly selective HR recruiters, hiring managers or other decision makers) are impressed with originality, clear & balanced details and a profile that comes from the heart.


Copying exactly what others do is not the best solution. You can't possibly stand out from the crowd if you use the same old, average, plain vanilla texts and phrases that everybody else does. It doesn't feel 100% natural. You need to have texts and modules that reflect who you really are. This is where I can help you.


I never use templates or recycle over-used, pre-formulated material you may find elsewhere. Cut-and-paste jobs, copying others, or using stale, clichéed or standardized texts? Don't worry, this won't happen with me. 


What you'll get are texts that are written with 'heart and soul'. This is exactly what I provide you: texts and documents that are customized, creative and unique, best highlighting your special combination of professional skills, achievements and personal strengths.


I deliver to you high-power, keyword-rich texts and business profiles to help you generate the contacts and interest you want.

For jobs across all professions & sectors, academic to executive

Each week I receive requests from people to review, edit and optimize their job application documents. A very great number of resumes, CVs, cover letters and profiles pass through my workspace. For over 12 years I've been in contact with hundreds of professionals across many fields of industry, including core clients and decision-makers in senior and executive management positions. I know how to adapt the trends and styles used by top career achievers and other successful professionals. I use my knowledge and passion for my craft to create polished, authentic and original texts in the English language for my clients.

It's absolutely confidential.

I don't run an agency and I don't farm out your documents and information to anyone else. All correspondence and documents are handled with 100% confidentiality. I'm your exclusive contact person and I'll personally handle your project from beginning to end, including all follow up. Do you like the idea of just having to deal with one person - you know exactly who's handling your valuable documents, your messages aren't delayed, there's no miscommunication and you get a truthful, direct answer to your queries? That's what you get with me. And I will never share your information and contact details with anyone, that's my promise to you. 

 Your Niche is Unique

Your personal career image (your "self-branding") is about creating, using & mixing your own special recipe of key ingredients.  


There's no one who's taken the same exact path, offers the same background and has the same voice as you.


So now it's time to  identify and focus on your unique combo of strengths & talents and feel more confident in your market niche.


Let me help you do that!


Your Words Count

Polishing your image through words is key, because your written communication is most often the first point of contact and first chance to impress.


Let me help you create an improved image first, so you gain confidence in knowing you have above-average, stand-out texts to get the positive responses you deserve.



Attitude is Huge

The first step in creating your own brand flavour is all about attitude: a positive and confident mind-set that comes from understanding yourself and properly highlighting your skill set and uniqueness.


Then you can position your customized flavour in the market while considering the needs of decision-makers at any type of company or organization.

Career Change, International Job, Moving Abroad Resume / CV Service in English .






Your Smile Is Your Logo.

You Are Your Own Brand.

Think Locally & Globally

I help people to position themselves in local markets, and I also work with people who are making career pivots across the country or internationally. New career situations can include a project or long-term work abroad, studying or interning internationally or a transfer to a new country within a large multinational corporation. Anywhere you go, international recruiters and multicultural decision-making teams will require stand-out, above-average application documents.

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Are you serious about taking your career to the next level?  Are you looking for quality, confidentiality and creativity combined with originality, diligence and a clear added-value?


If you are, I look forward to hearing from you!





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